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My god.

This is so true when i walk into a public restrom i get disgusted when i have to see some guys dirrea just floating around in the toilet its horrible.

AntiClockClock responds:

Yup I knew this would be something people could relate to.


Well first of all i want to know how many of your boyfriends vote 5 on this.

Also your only way to defend this shitty submission is by calling this thing art and by telling people they never made flash so they cant judge your work.

If this was true then the site of NG would only consist of flash artists and no judges, so any assclown submission like yours would get through.

other flash made by you: 0

also, your level doesn't make this submission any better you fucktard so stop bitching in your reviews.

Hice responds:

I never said my level made this submission any better, people under level ten have obviously not been here long enough to be able to truly judge flash in a fair way. And before you start saying to yourself "What about people who been here a long time but are under ten?", they are automatically shifted under the "Dumbass" category, because even a trained monkey could have reached above and beyond level ten.

I do think only people who actually make flash should be allowed to review, but everyone should be allowed to vote. After all, that would cut down on asshole reviews like your review for a blink 182 tribute video, and I quote, "Blink 182 is the gayest band of all time. Thats the shitiest thing ive ever seen." Wow, now that review reeks of sensitivity and constructive thinking.

You have fun being a hypocrite, bashing me for defending my movie while you pointlessy flame people in reviews. You sir, are an ass.


That was hillarious i liked the music and the options good job.

Not bad.

Well this pretty good for a first flash.Im quite impressed but in number two you might wanna make it where you have to click on the words for them to change to the next sentence.Not that I had trouble reading it but some people are slow readers and if you take my advice they will vote higher on your movies.

Hmm clocks suck?

Well i dont think you should have any room to talk since ive looked at some of your work and didnt think it was that good.

All kidding aside sonic would win.

Well there are a alot of these movies out there but it still was good.BUT sonic had spikes he was faster and could jump higher.Mario was an overweight italian american who could kinda jump.

Almost-Legendary responds:

Overweight italian american, lol. I agree but I just favor mario better.


Once again beebo has excelled past all other flashes you truelly are the greatest flash maker of all time.

good job

I gave you a five because you actually deserve it, not like some of the other crap on newgrounds.
I enjoyed your movie and hope you make more of them, you have great style and your jokes made me laugh. once again, good job.

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